Canyon Child is a collection of women’s clothing designed and produced by Gelesia Edwards. Gelesia designs in her home, located in the canyons of Hollywood, and produces all her pieces locally in the city of Los Angeles. Her design philosophy is based on high-quality clothing that is simple, timeless, and can be worn anywhere.

As a little girl growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Gelesia learned to sew from her grandmother, who taught her to be resourceful with the materials that were available, make the most of what she had, and never to be wasteful. Gelesia remembers that wisdom in the way she sources her materials. Canyon Child’s collection is produced in small quantities with handpicked textiles, to ensure that each style is unique. Only a handful of each design is created.

Gelesia's biggest hope for Canyon Child is that it helps each customer stay true to her individual aesthetic. The brand’s collection of clean and graceful silhouettes celebrate the feminine figure with a flair of Bohemian spirit. Every piece is designed to be worn effortlessly – letting girls and women wake up and throw on a dress that can be worn to coffee, a meeting at the beach, or on a dinner date. Whatever the occasion and wherever you are, Canyon Child will be there to make you look and feel the part.